In December, Data Engenharia granted an exclusive interview to the Química e Derivados Magazine, which approached a topic discussed worldwide in companies – Maintenance and Asset Management applied to Industry 4.0.

Technical Consultant José Carlos Simões explained how Data Engenharia has been preparing itself to meet its clients’ demands in this scenario.

“In this context, by relying on experts and equipment capable of making the “man-machine communication” we act in the market evaluating the Operational Condition of Electrical Machines, following the evolution of their failure modes, electrical and mechanical, avoiding the dreaded emergency stops by asset breakdown, through methodologies based on algorithms to diagnose them in real time.

“Industry 4.0 has brought concepts to our customers that have helped us capillary the technologies of remote asset monitoring. Today, the demand for this technology is too high, which leads us to create and acquire new equipment and train new technicians internally. Today we are connected to agencies that specialize in standards for the electrical machinery sector, and international reference companies in the area of advanced metrology. Reported José Simões – Technical Consultant from Data Engenharia.

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