We are a leading company in solutions for the maintenance of electric motors, generators, and transformers. With more than 26 years in the market, we have a modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to meet our clients’ demands with high performance.
We have a highly qualified team, including engineers and technicians specialized in recovering large industrial equipment, as well as external representatives with extensive experience in special projects. This intellectual capacity allows us to take on complex jobs with the security and agility that our clients need.
We perform services in our facilities, OFFSHORE, or at the client’s site, always striving for quality and continuous improvement of our processes.



Our main focus is our customers and their production processes. As a company with a strong service culture, we understand very clearly the emergencies that arise in the production process.


To meet the needs and expectations of our customers in providing services with technical, practical, and economical solutions related to the maintenance or repair of industrial electrical machinery and the sale of new motors and parts.


To be recognized with excellence in the segment related to the maintenance and repair of industrial electrical machines in the whole national and international territory.


Excellence in customer service, respect, and ethics in the relationship.
Excellence: always obtaining the best result, with the highest performance.
Respect: Keeping a commitment to valuing people and the environment.
Ethics: to be a materially sustainable and psychologically integrated company.


Data Engenharia began its trajectory in 1995, founded by Olavo Alves Corgosinho, a dedicated engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the industrial segment. Founded on technical principles and on ethics and commitment to its clients, Data Engenharia has each year passed the necessary steps for solid growth, reaching the consolidated position it occupies in the sector today.