SGI Policy

At Data Engenharia, our policy is to make up the whole of our
Mission, Vision and Objectives relating to Quality, Environment, Health and


To meet the needs and expectations of our customers by providing services with technical, practical and economical solutions related to the maintenance or repair of industrial electrical machinery, the manufacture of transformers and the sale of motors and new parts.


To be recognized for excellence in the segment related to the maintenance, repair and manufacture of industrial electrical machinery throughout national and international territory.


1. Develop a qualified and experienced workforce;
2. Ensure profitability that allows for sustainable operation and growth;
3. Meeting legal and other requirements;
4. Protecting the environment and preventing pollution;
5. Taking an active role in ensuring the Occupational Health and Safety of
employees and partners;
6. Ensure commitment to operational efficiency, as well as to
quality of its products and services;
7. Continuously improve the performance of the Integrated Management System.