Location: Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Equipment: 3MVA transformer.

Service Performed: Emergency field service, electrical tests, oil leak check, workshop service, oil treatment, switch analysis, equipment recovery.


The client, one of the largest mining companies in the country, called Data Engenharia for an emergency service due to a problem in one of its transformers that caused great inconvenience to this unit. Promptly, DATA’s technical manager mobilized a team to analyze the causes of equipment failure in the field.


After detailed analysis and electrical testing, it was possible to identify problems related to oil leakage and commutator failures, and for this maintenance it was necessary to send the transformer to DATA ENGINEERING’s factory and then assemble and replace it with a spare transformer. In the factory, the transformer is undergoing maintenance on the on-load tap changer, and a general overhaul with improvements, seal changes, and laboratory tests. At all stages of the service, DATA acted quickly and efficiently, assuming a record delivery time for the solution.

Field service – night
Workshop Service


Data Engenharia thanks the effort and dedication of the employees involved in this service. This case demonstrates our commitment to always get the best result, with the highest performance.

“DATA will continue to fulfill its major purpose of delivering maintenance and manufacturing solutions for motors, generators, and transformers, with quality, ethics, and responsibility. These premises guide our work and guide all our decisions. With a joint effort, we will evolve even further. Together we will go further!”

Gustavo Ghader Corgosinho – Commercial Director – Data Engenharia