Client: Steel industry

Location: Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Industry: Steel.

Equipment Data: Drive motor for the Metal Crusher – Shredder.

Service performed: Replacement of LA and LOA bearings and emergency electromechanical expertise.


One of the largest steel mills in Brazil, a leader in steel production, called on Data Engenharia as a matter of urgency, during the weekend, due to a problem in an electric motor that drives the metal shredder, used in the process of shredding and separating the scrap metal that feeds the plant’s furnace.

On the same day, our technical specialists went to the customer’s plant to perform the diagnosis, and found the need to transport the equipment to Data Engenharia’s workshop to perform the emergency service, since the raw material for the melt shop furnace would be lacking if the machine continued to break down for more than 5 days.



After the equipment arrived in our workshop, DATA’s technical team worked around the clock, committed to solving the customer’s problem in the shortest time possible, due to the steel mill’s production stoppage.

The entire engine recovery service was completed in three days, a record time, which required us to study the machine’s engineering – failure cause analysis with subsidy for the engine’s operational recovery, technical discipline, and synchrony among the various services, which included complete disassembly, decontamination, bearing replacement, mechanical repair, electrical testing, maintenance of the heat exchanger motors, and assembly.

Upon returning to the client’s plant, the equipment returned to full operation, meeting all the expectations of the plant’s managers and directors, who recognized and thanked Data Engenharia for its efforts in this emergency service.



Data Engenharia thanks its collaborators for their commitment and dedication. This case demonstrates our commitment to always get the best result, with the highest performance.

“At Data Engenharia we consider the problem of the client as our problem, this makes all the difference, because we believe that competence and professional commitment is not enough, it has to have personal involvement, relationship, sensitivity, willingness to listen and to deliver better every day the work we do. Breno Silva – President of Data Engenharia.