Client: Petrochemical industry.

Location: State of Bahia – BR.

Industry: Chemicals and Petrochemicals.

Equipment Data: 440 V Hydraulic Motor Pump – 3535RPM – MODEL LUVH -150-260/1.

Service performed: Winding plan, inspection, manufacture of new coils, stator cleaning, stator rewinding, cable replacement and testing.


Data Engenharia was called by the client (one of the largest thermoplastic resin producers in the Americas) to perform a highly complex service, the recovery of the hydraulic pumps used in the boilers of its industrial unit in the state of Bahia.

However, due to the client’s needs and the unavailability of a solution on the national market, since the equipment’s reserve unit was being repaired by the manufacturer in Germany, with a delivery time of over 06 months, Data Engenharia promptly mobilized to repair the equipment internally.

We disassembled the equipment and identified several problems in its seals. We came up against the difficulty of finding spare parts in the market, such as the sealing gaskets and the coil wires, which required a special specification and had to be developed exclusively for this application.

Hydraulic pump


After the conductor wire arrived, Data Engenharia took over the entire service of recovering the machine’s winding. During the winding of the stator, a special process was developed to preserve the integrity of the insulation between the conductors. The next step was to perform the tests to verify the correct operation of the equipment.

For the first test a custom tank was built, but we did not obtain satisfactory results. The biggest challenge was to reform an electric motor, which is cooled by water inside and as we know, water and electricity are a dangerous combination. To make it even more difficult, the working pressure inside the engine exceeds 145Kgf/cm2.

A new process was performed, the sealing of the connection cables, connectors, and other machine devices to prove the effectiveness of the services performed. We performed a second test using demineralized water, the same used in the client’s original process, and achieved the expected result.

All the service was performed in less than 60 days and after the final tests the equipment was released, exceeding the client’s expectations, since the manufacturer in Germany demanded a period of 06 months for conclusion. The equipment was returned to the client’s industrial unit, allowing the reestablishment of the plant’s production process.


Data Engenharia thanks its collaborators for their commitment and dedication. This case demonstrates our commitment to always get the best result, with the highest performance.

“Our strength is not only in what we deliver, but also in how we deliver ourselves. It is in the people and in the heart of each person who is dedicated every day so that everything works out. It is much more than repairing and manufacturing great machines: it is being part of the life of hundreds of families and the progress of a city and a country. All of this has brought us here.

Olavo Alves Corgosinho – Founder of Data Engenharia.