Client: Steel mill.

Location: Minas Gerais.

Industry: Steel.

Equipment data: 5 MW ring rotor induction motor.

Service performed: Repair of the brush lifting system and the collector ring.


One of the largest steel mills in Brazil called on Data Engenharia as a matter of urgency during the weekend, due to a problem in one of its motors used in the rolling mills, responsible for more than 50% of the plant’s operation.

The engine was sent to Data Engenharia’s headquarters, which quickly mobilized its team to provide all technical advice to the client in the analysis of the equipment.



After analyzing the equipment, it was identified that the problem was in the automatic brush lifting system, and in less than 24 hours DATA performed the necessary repair of the machine.

The emergency repair of the collector rings and the brush lifting system was carried out, ensuring full operation. In record time, the engine was returned to the customer’s plant, avoiding the plant’s production stoppage. The equipment entered our workshop at 12:30 pm on November 22 and was released at 9:22 pm on the same day.



Data Engenharia thanks its collaborators for their commitment and dedication. This case demonstrates Data Engenharia’s commitment to always obtain the best result, with the highest performance.

“Our strength is not only in what we deliver, but also in the way we deliver ourselves. It is in the people and in the heart of each one of them, who dedicate themselves every day so that everything works out.

It is much more than repairing and manufacturing great machines: it is being part of the life of hundreds of families and the progress of a city and a country. All this has brought us here.”

Olavo Alves Corgosinho Founder of Data Engenharia.