Did You Know? The age of insulation on rotating electrical machines does not keep pace with the chronological age of this equipment. The age of the insulations is determined by the degree of aging of the windings, i.e., we can find a generator that has been manufactured for 10 years, but given the operating conditions to which it is subjected, the age of its insulators may be more than 20 years.

DAIMER®, using advanced techniques based on in-depth studies over the last 40 years, assesses precisely this degree of ageing through advanced insulation diagnosis in rotating electrical machines. The main objective is to carefully assess the actual condition of the insulators in the stator windings of motors and generators.

With this technology it is possible to determine, in a graphic way, the current condition of these insulators, as well as the necessary actions for their recovery, through a program based on reliable and precise data, which enables the alteration of the critical points, returning reliability to your production process.


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