Client: Energy generation and transmission company.

Location: Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil.

Equipment: Wind turbine – 1.4 MW

Service Performed: On-site disassembly (Up-tower), electrical tests and partial repair of the rotor with replacement of power cables and star (Y) closing ring.


A big player in the energy segment called DATA ENGINEERING to analyze its wind turbines that were systematically presenting problems located in a set of wind farms in Rio Grande do Norte.

The maintenance of these wind turbines was normally executed in a specialized workshop (the manufacturer’s own), which required the removal of the equipment and expenses with cranes and transport, generating a cost for the client of more than one and a half million reais (per unit) and some months of unavailability of the equipment.



DATA’s experts went to the wind farm and performed a detailed analysis of the machines, and after gathering all the necessary information, it was possible to propose a technically reliable and definitive solution by performing several design improvements on the generators and, most importantly, managing to perform all this work on site, i.e., without the need to remove the equipment from the towers.


After 03 days of service, the generator was tested and approved, returned to full load operation, and with all processes approved after the repair, exceeding the customer’s expectations.

This service has already been replicated in dozens of machines, and in several wind farms throughout Brazil, and some of them have been in operation for more than 4 years, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented solution.


Data Engenharia is grateful for the commitment and dedication of the employees involved in this project. This case demonstrates our commitment to always get the best result, with the highest performance. “At Data Engenharia we consider the problem of the client as our problem, this makes all the difference, because we believe that competence and professional commitment is not enough, it has to have personal involvement, relationship, sensitivity, willingness to listen and to deliver better every day the work we do.

Breno Silva – President of Data Engenharia.