Client: Cement plant.

Location: Tocantins – Brazil.

Industry: Cement.

Equipment data: Electric motor 4250 kW 6600 V 08 poles.

Service performed: Supply and replacement of fixed and movable contacts for the automatic brush lifting system, inspection of the actuator, manual tests and start-up monitoring.


One of the largest global cement companies contacted Data Engenharia’s team of specialists, in an emergency, during the weekend, due to a malfunction in a motor responsible for driving its cement mill.

After contacting the client, Data Engenharia mobilized a team that went to the cement plant in the state of Tocantins to perform the field service. The technicians identified some failures in the fixed and moving contacts in the motor brush lifting system, cement residue contamination on the collector rings and brush holder housing, a broken grounding brush tail, and damaged pulley bearings.



DATA’s technical team worked around the clock, committed to solving the problem in the shortest time possible, due to the production stoppage in the cement plant, which generates major impacts for the client.

The entire service was successfully completed in 6 hours of work, with the supply and replacement of the fixed and movable contacts of the brush lifting system, inspection of the actuator, and performance of manual tests and monitoring of the motor start-up.

The equipment was released for operation exceeding the client’s expectations.

Engine Interior


Data Engenharia thanks its collaborators for their commitment and dedication. This case demonstrates our commitment to always get the best result, with the highest performance.

“At Data Engenharia we consider the problem of the client as our problem, this makes all the difference, because we believe that competence and professional commitment is not enough, it has to have personal involvement, relationship, sensitivity, willingness to listen and to deliver better every day the work we do.

Breno Silva – President of Data Engenharia.