Location: Amazonas State.

Business Segment: Energy

Equipment Data: Step Up Transformer 81,5MVA – 72,5/13,8 kV.

Service Performed: Redesign and complete refurbishment of the transformer, including the replacement of all coils and modernization of the control and protection instrumentation.


The UTE’s transformer went out of operation after an internal failure, generating great inconvenience to the client. As an emergency, another unit of the group was called, which in turn already had a relationship with DATA ENGINEERING. Our team was contacted and promptly provided all technical support, with a challenging proposal to repair the transformer in the shortest possible time.

A project of this magnitude, under normal circumstances, is expected to take approximately 150 days to be repaired in a workshop, in addition to the logistics deadline, which in the Amazon represents another major challenge for the companies, due to the displacement made by ferryboats, which impacts on an average term of 30 days for each transfer.


The entire service of redesign, refurbishment, and modernization of the equipment was performed at DATA ENGINEERING’s headquarters, located in the city of Sarzedo, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte – MG, with the great challenge of meeting the shortest deadline, being successfully completed in 45 days. With this solution, we were able to significantly reduce the impacts to the UTE, and together, assumed a record delivery time for the technical solution.

This success story was discussed in a meeting with the executive board and managers, and was acknowledged by the client.

Transformer Coils


DATA ENGINEERING thanks the commitment and dedication of its collaborators. This result demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Our strength is not only in what we deliver, but also in how we deliver ourselves. It is in the people and in the heart of each person who is dedicated every day so that everything works out. It is much more than repairing and manufacturing great machines: it is being part of the life of hundreds of families and the progress of a city and a country. All of this has brought us here.

Olavo Alves Corgosinho – Founder of Data Engenharia.