Data Engenharia announces the appointment of Mr. Breno Silva as CEO of Data Engenharia.

With over 10 years of dedication to Data Engenharia, Breno de Oliveira Silva also holds the position of Industrial and Administrative Director. A pioneer in the implementation of ISO certification, he has led the company’s production growth strategy in recent years.

The founder of Data Engenharia Sr. Olavo Alves Corgosinho leaves the presidency of the company and assumes the leadership of the Administration Council. Mr. Olavo, an engineer and dedicated entrepreneur with broad market experience, imprinted his DNA in Data Engenharia and leaves the new leadership an example of commitment and dedication.

“Data Engenharia is the result of the history of many people who have helped us get here. With the commitment of our employees and the trust of our clients, each year we have overcome the necessary steps for solid growth, reaching the consolidated position we occupy today in the sector. Our strength is not only in what we deliver, but also in the way we deliver ourselves. It is in the people and in the heart of each person who dedicates himself or herself every day so that everything goes right,” adds Olavo.

Mr. Gustavo Ghader Corgosinho remains at the head of the commercial directorate, and is now a member of the company’s Board of Directors, together with Mr. Gustavo Ghader Corgosinho. Olavo, from Mrs. Maria Cecilia and Mrs. Luciana.

Olavo adds that over the more than 25 years he has been working in the company he has been able to collaborate with his technical experience in the delivery of complex services and in the conduction of the organization’s processes, and that Mr. Olavo’s leadership is a great help. Breno will add to the dynamics and management of the company due to his broad business vision, which will result in the continued growth of the company and the renewal of our main goal, the satisfaction of our customers.

“I look back and see that it was all worth it. And when I look forward, I am also very optimistic, if you want to be eternal, be correct, so I believe we are on the right path, to be correct in order to be eternal,” concludes Sr. Olavo.

We reinforce our commitment to our partners to continue offering transparency, trust, and excellence in service. Data Engenharia keeps growing and investing in Brazil. Above all, we reaffirm our commitment to our customers, who are our number one priority.

Pleasure and pride in doing it right!

Board of Directors