Part of the production process of industries is the use of various raw materials. We know that these natural resources, if used in a disorganized way, can end and put at risk the environmental conditions of the next generations, interfering in the quality of air, water, the greenhouse effect, pollution, among others.

Here are some practices that industries can adopt to minimize the damage caused to the environment and consequently build a sustainable mentality:

  • Carry out periodic maintenance on the equipment, so that in this way the energy consumption is balanced and controlled;
  • Carry out the garbage disposal in a proper way, respecting the selective collection;
  • Replace the use of disposable cups with reusable mugs;
  • Develop periodic awareness campaigns regarding the use of natural resources, the importance of recycling, and awaken a sustainable conscience;
  • Identify and control waste, redesigning processes to create smarter, more optimized production;
  • Use recycled paper whenever possible;
  • Prioritize, whenever possible, suppliers that use proper practices in raw material extraction and manufacturing processes;
  • Invest in training for all employees on environmental issues, making them aware of the problems that can arise if a sustainable mentality is not incorporated.

These practices must be implemented in an orderly manner in order to achieve the expected result. But this should not only be done in companies. Each individual, in his or her own home, must put into practice some simple attitudes, such as reusing water, reducing energy consumption, separating garbage correctly, and not throwing garbage on the streets, among other measures.

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